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Bootheaters COMFORT

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Specs :

1. Comfort Heating:

  • 3mm insoles, ready to be cut to size: EU 35.5 – 48.5

  • Fit in any shoe or boot

  • Large heating element 43 cm² in the forefoot

  • Robust wire heating element embedded in the toe area

  • High quality insole, breathable and moisture absorbent

2. Alpenheat Comfort Controller with Battery Pack AA NiMH:

  • Heat duration 4-16 hours

  • High performance rechargeable AA NiMH battery packs 4.8V / 2 Ah / 9.6Wh, can be replaced with 4xAA batteries per battery pack

  • Compact battery pack 64 x 30 x 80mm /150g, push-button switch, LED status display and DC socket

  • 3 heat settings

  • Low self-discharge lengthens the battery life (LSD-NiMH)

  • Robust self-locking battery pack

    • Clip to attach to belts or straps

    • Mounting bracket to attach to ski boots or rigid shoes  

3. Alpenheat Comfort Recharger 230V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz, DC plug:

  • Charging time 10 hrs

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COMFORT foot warmers have been developed to keep your feet warm and comfortable in cold conditions during any kind of activity.
The insoles have large sized heating elements, good thermal insulation, as well as excellent damp absorbing characteristics to create an optimal shoe climate.

Compact, rechargeable battery packs - with built-in micro chips – fit securely into the mounting clips provided, which can easily be attached to shoes, boots and belts.
By means of a push button switch, one of the three permanent heat settings can be selected. The 4 rechargeable NiMH batteries in the battery pack can be replaced with commercial AA batteries of any manufacturer.

Use whilst skiing, snowboarding, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, bicycling or as a spectator watching an ice-hockey game or football match.

Heating time: 
Setting Duration approx.
1 16 hrs
2 8 hrs
3 4 hrs


The heating time information represents approximate values, because actual capacities obtained are influenced by the respective type and duration of the charging process, as well as various tolerances of the batteries and microcontroller. The heating time information represents guide values and applies for an outside temperature of -18° C / 0° F.


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